BIKESTERS is a high-action, technological adventure for both young and old which combines fully-developed stories, Internet entertainments and polished chrome racing machines with dazzling effect. Based on the overwhelmingly real creations of writer/designer Fred Vosk, the BIKESTERS saga is a character and value-rich narrative which chronicles the pinnacles, pitfalls and pitstops of a small-yet-dedicated band of match racers who crisscross the country in search of adventure and scientific discoveries.

From the very real bike-dragsters which provide the focus of the traveling BIKESTERS Show, to the exploits of the "Bikesters" who build and ride them, the following BIKESTER entertainments are dedicated to exciting, educating, and rewarding all those willing to believe their eyes and imaginations.


The BIKESTER adventures and traveling show are based on three very real vehicles:

Nearly 1/2 ton of metal and rubber overkill, SUPERBIKE is a high-performance colossus powered by a AA/Fuel dragster engine: a twin-turbocharged Chrysler Hemi V8 nightmare equipped with a 20 inch wide rear drag slick and over 3,000 hp of ambition.

Motorcycles don't fly... unless you build them out of authentic military surplus rockets. Tipping the scales at under 800 pounds and measuring nearly 15' in length, ROCKETBIKE'S advanced aerodynamic design, sophisticated operating systems and nearly 6,000 pounds of thrust make the sky the limit.

Named for the huge Allison V-12 engine which powers its monstrous frame, Big Al's aluminum mega-engine, gigantic turbo-chargers and 20 inch wide Goodyear drag slicks are a tad more powerful than polite. It just goes to show you: you can take the engine out of a P-51 Mustang Fighter Plane, but you can't take the fighter plane out of the engine. Turbocharged 1700 cubic inch overhead cam V12, anyone?

Characters include:


Veteran racer, thrill seeker, acknowledged leader of the tightly-knit band. It's Terry's lighting-fast reflexes that keep the BIKESTERS on top of the match racing game and provide an ongoing challenge to go further, faster, higher.


Philosopher, Mechanic, Imagineer. The brains behind the bravery, Nitro's ideas and designs range from new propulsion systems to race vehicles "of interest" to the military.


Child prodigy, Mischief Maker, Hacker Extraordinaire. The BIKESTERS wouldn't be the same without TK's unrelenting curiosity, enthusiasm and determination. It's the reason his wheelchair presents little more than occasional distraction and the reason why Celeste is his real sister, even though they don't have the same Mom and Dad.


An attractive, street-smart 20, Celeste's a willful and capable young woman who understands her responsibility to herself and others. As TK's foster sister, she single-handedly worked to provide for his upbringing and education after going out on her own. Now, at last, the best is clearly ahead.


A defiant, independent breed of bikers who stage impromptu match races throughout the Southwest. Bound by the unwritten Grunger code, this is one set of (almost) renegades that can't be judged by their covers...or the grease under their fingernails.

Join Terry, Nitro, TK, and Celeste as they pit themselves against the odds (and their fierce-but-friendly competitors, the Grungers) in a never-ending, thrill-a-minute series of adventures from Blaine to Bakersfield. As developers of a new H2O-S propulsion system which offers both high performance and ecological sensibility, these individualist and talented misfits learn what it takes to win, in life and on the track. Travel with the BIKESTERS through a series of short, successive and fast-paced episodes which range from exhilarating chases across the sky to the excitement of fantastic discovery.


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