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Hey ! ... I think maybe we're approaching the finish of this opus ... as you can affirm in the photo - only the period correct FULLER tools were used during this project ... ... So now we move on - to 'The Public Fuller' ... a few photo's of the digger 'out and about' at shows and such ... We've had a lot of fun with this last side of the project - - the car brings back memories of the past for a lot of folks who see the car and grew up in the 60's - - I mean, everybody, (everybody who was young at least), during those times - knew what Drag Racing was... And many were obessed by it - (Hey, there's worse things) ... Lotta old guy's, show their kids - - and (gulp) grandkids, the car, and explain to them how it works - to let them know what it was like in the 'Olden' Days'. And it brings back the art and beauty of a bygone era for people to once again marvel over ... ... Stimulate the Mind - - Entertain and Educate ... that's what we're here for......... Fred Vosk

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