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Well - in the first two pages of this saga we've seen chassis paiinting ... and alloy body prep and painting - even let loose some of the long held hidden secrets of the forgotten black arts of Metal Flake and candy, plus we learned a little about the secret lives of cool cars and bikes and what they do and say when nobody's around... Now we move on to assembly ... Here's where you really get to see the brilliance of KENT FULLER ... He is perhaps the father of the ART of chassis/race car building for maximum acceleration, before FULLER ... dragsters were little more then engine stands with big tires on the back and little ones on the front ... Take a good look at these next photo's ... this is a car that was built in 1961, 42 years ago ... in it's AA/Gas form, as it has been restored to, it weighed about 900 pounds - and probably had 6 or 700 horse power ... a very efficient - perfectly balanced, one purpose vehicle ... FULLER didn't put anything on these cars that didn't need to be there for that one purpose, which was to get to the end of the quater mile as quickly as possible - and safely! ... Each bracket is a work of finesse and efficiency - many of the brackets do two or three jobs ... Yes Fuller is a practical man - but a crafty one... ... The word was you didn't have to steer a Fuller car down the strip - - it just worked... Fred Vosk

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