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OK ... so we jump ahead now ... what can I say - Battery's went dead in the digi-thing? ... Dog ate the camera? ... Took a buncha pic's - but I was holding the thing backwards? ... ... None a that - - I just forgot to take pic's, (I'm NOT a photographer guy...) So, we rejoin the gang with the paint finished ... The process I went for on this one - - being the paint is urethane, was to do the candy just like it was Lacquer ... so rather then using any of that pre mixed junk at the paint store, or that pre packaged Joe Komiskiwe (or whatever his name is) stuff that he calls 'candy' ... we did it the old way - - Sent Pete to the paint store - where he looked at the mixing toners ... and found the color he thought it should be ... mixed a little toner with some real thin clear - and sprayed it on - a coat at a time, till the color was right ... Eric did the spraying - and hit it right on, a perfect transparent Candy Red... The red toner we used is Deltron DMD 669 ... ... we use PPG DAU 82 clear ... it's an Acrylic Urethane - which is what I prefer - - it's a softer clear - and gives a nice deep luster - more like the quality you get from Lacquer ... but any clear in the base coat - clear coat urethane systems will work... Here's 'The Fullers Nose' showing off his new look to his 'bud' SuperBike... Hmmmmm..... looks like 'Axle Rose' fresh from the chrome shop, in the picture too....

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