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Pete say's that bottom line is just a little to fancy ... huh! Racers!!! To tell ya the truth - this whole deal of putting a design that's already been done once on a piece - leaves me sorta cold - - I kinda like to wing it ... every thing should be different then before - - move ahead, that's the deal ... I lost most of my interest in painting race cars the first time somebody showed up at my shop with a digger and a set of drawings from their sponsor's PR department of the paint design ... I said Hey!!! take it down the street to the body shop - they can paint inside the lines - - I sure can't ... ... When I paint a race car - the only thing I ask the owner is, "What color do you not like - and ya only get one" ... Then I get half the money up front, (like a hit man), and he goes away till it's done... But this one was for Pete and for FULLER - - so I bit the bullet...........

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