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Now - - On goes the flake ... we're doing the digger in candy over flake - - so we're just using silver - no colored flake ... I like to start out with a coupla coats of fine flake - Then a coat or two of the corsest (biggest) stuff possible - - then a bit of Diamond Dust, (cut glass), on the top to give it that extra kick - - Hey! if ya' wanna be subtle - what are ya' doin' with Metal Flake!!! Immediately get all the clear over the flake that you can - Do Not touch - or sand, ect. the flake ... We just use a clear that's part of the Base coat - Clear coat system - - (we use PPG) ... after the clear has dried (catalized) completely ... sand it fairly smooth - and clear it again - and again , giving it plenty of time inbetween times to do all it's shrinking ... always being very carefull not to sand down to the flake - - that'll leave spots... Lotta work - - Huh! ... This is of course with 'REAL' Metal Flake (saved a bunch of it since the 60's) ... it's not that corse metalic crap the sell at the paint store and call Metal Flake... Anyway, after a bunch of clearing and sanding - you'll end up with perfect finish (like glass) Metal Flake

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