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Barbra Bugatti, (38 Bugatti Atlanti), has a very interesting history. Besides being a unique car in the fact that it's one of the few Bugatti's ever built with hydraulic brakes and shocks ... The old man (Ettore Bugatti) didn't believe in such things ... most of the cars had these strange adjustable with cables (from inside the car) friction shocks ... and of course, good old mechanical brakes. But for a very brief period, Bugatti's son ran the engineering department and went modern ... His son was killed in a testing accident - trying out some of his new-fangled ideas ... and Bugatti quickly went back to the old ways, and stuck with them ... It's also the only Atlanti with 'Vintu' fenders, (Pontoon style) ... However the real story comes after the car was created. When the Germans over ran France in the war ... one of the first things they did was begin gathering up art and trucking it off - back to the 'Fatherland', (spoils of war, ya know). Bugatti's are, (and always have been) considered works of art by the French goverment, you still have to get goverment permission to take one out of the country. The French may have pretty much rolled over for the Germans, but they went to great lenths to hide their art ... especially the Bugatti's ... this perticular car has perhaps the best story of all. The people of the villige where this car was ... disassembled the body, wrapped all the pieces in oil cloth ... and buried them in several different farm yards ... Then they put a beat up old truck body on the chassis and used it as a farm truck all through the war ... If you've ever heard a blown Bugatti run ... you can imagin them trying to pass that deal off - make a great movie. They pulled it off ... ... And after the war, they dug up the body pieces ... put em in the back of the beat up farm truck ... and drove the whole works back to the Bugatti Factory, where it was restored, and reassembled.......... The original front fenders were the only things lost in the war ... so they built the 'Vintu' fenders at the factory - just for this car, (far better looking then the originals....................... The car lived in a private museum in France since the mid 50's ... and was brought over here last year by the present owner who is having her restored. The guy who ownes it is kinda interesting too ... besides having made a whole bunch of bucks in the semi-conductor business ... He's an old time hot rodder ... went to high school with M/T ... and worked for Evans Equipment in the early 50's building flatheads ... was a Drag Racer ... and held the overall record for a couple of days with a car that he built with Potvin ... ... He's gonna dig in his old stuff ... he's pretty sure there's pictures from those days in there someplace. ... Fred ... Here's a shot of the car apart - - that fender is a killer piece of metal work - eh? guess maybe those French guy's arn't all bad...

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